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Edition : Second Edition
Pages : 620

Print Book ISBN : 9788120329287
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 725.00  543.75
You Save : (181.25)

eBook ISBN : 9789390669165
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 725.00  543.75
You Save : (181.25)


The second edition of this well-organized and comprehensive text continues to provide an in-depth coverage of the theory and applications of operations research. It emphasizes the role of operations research not only as an effective decision-making tool, but also as an essential productivity improvement tool to deal with real-world management problems.

This New Edition includes new carefully designed numerical examples that help in understanding complex mathematical concepts better. The book is an easy read, explaining the basics of operations research and discussing various optimization techniques such as linear and non-linear programming, dynamic programming, goal programming, parametric programming, integer programming, transportation and assignment problems, inventory control, and network techniques. It also gives a comprehensive account of game theory, queueing theory, project management, replacement and maintenance analysis, and production scheduling.


• Inclusion of quantity discount models for transportation problem.
• Updated inventory control model and detailed discussion on application of dynamic programming in the fields of cargo loading and single-machine scheduling.
• Numerous new examples that explain the operations research concepts better.
• New questions with complete solutions to selected problems.

This book, with its many student friendly features, would be eminently suitable as a text for students of engineering (mechanical, production and industrial engineering), management, mathematics, statistics, and postgraduate students of commerce and computer applications (MCA).

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